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Providing key tools and  strategies to create and sustain a positive work environment.





A healthy work environment is a profitable one, for individuals and organizations alike. We foster this environment at all levels of an organization, with services ranging from organizational assessment

and transformation, executive and staff development,

and targeted assistance for individuals dealing with

workplace bullying and mobbing.

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Whether you are an individual employee or whether you are the owner of a large organization, you know that negative work environments cause problems - for you, for the organization, for the bottom line.  Our services are specially designed to transform your work environment, enabling you and your entire organization to flourish.

Our Services


Building a Positive Workplace

Research shows that a positive workplace environment produces benefits, not just for the employees, but for the organization, leading to increased profitability, productivity, and employee retention.


Surviving Workplace Bullying & Mobbing

If you're a target of workplace bullying and mobbing, you shoulder enormous stresses and challenges each day as you try to do your job while simultaneously fending off unprovoked attacks from others.


Custom-Designed Training

Sometimes off-the-shelf programs just don't fit the unique needs of an organization, and something more specific and focused is required.


1-to-1 Coaching for Targets of Bullying

Being bullied or mobbed at work is a uniquely isolating experience. The stress of trying to do a good job while simultaneously fending off attacks and sabotage campaigns has far-reaching impacts on the bullied target that ........

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Help Your Business to Thrive

We use customized approaches for organizational transformation and training that are specifically targeted to meet your needs, ensuring that you and your team have the internal culture, skills and abilities to best fulfill your strategic goals.

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